Olympic Mountain Dreams day 3

patches of moonlight wavering through branches — watering an ancient tree I awoke a few times through night to an exultation of stars peeking through the canopy and very late a thin moon made it over the valley walls. After a my nights sleep with the ever present white noise of the river, I woke to a grey morning with mist streaming down the valley walls.  Over the course of a morning spent in contemplation…

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Photography Ride Reports

Seattle Rides 1: Winter 2012

Showers on part of this ride I’ve been living in Seattle for about nine months now (and of course just across Lake Washington for 12+ years) and am going to at the end of this month set out on an extended bicycle tour. I’ve moved in at the tail end of summer and was here for all of autumn and winter and about half of this spring.  During this time I’ve ridden (and walked and…

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Tour2009: Itinerary

This is my basic Itinerary for the tour. This will also serve as an index of sorts, as I’ll turn all these pages into links after the tour.  This basic route is from Kirkendall and Spring’s Bicycling The Pacific Coast, with my own route for the first couple of days and ending in San Francisco. From San Franciso I’m taking the Coast Starlight Amtrak home which I’m also looking forward to – I haven’t done…

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Vernal Equinox

At last it is spring. Not that today was much different then yesterday but lets face it – there is a level in which its all mental. The real big change as far as I’m concerned was the shift to daylight savings time a couple weeks back.  I commute year round and a certain percentage of my rides home are in the darkness. I’ve gone to great lengths to be able to ride comfortably and…

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