Journey to the East: 8 August 2012

Baa-Haa-Baa Hollyhocks fall to the ground trampled underfoot at the festival   -Masaoka Shiki 100 days of solitude Today was the hundredth day since I handed over the keys to my apartment in Seattle and set off: homeless and filled with wanderlust. While I, of course, always intended to cross country at that point it was a journey without much of a goal. That is to say I figured I’d ride where the whims took…

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Selected Reports

Riding into Autumn

Atlantis in Poulsbo The primary reason I’m a member of the Cascade Cycling Club is to support their advocacy work, but I do try to do one of their rides every year or so. Previously I’ve ridden Chilly Hilly (reports on these rides here) and RSVP (my report here), but the one other ride of theirs that I’ve wanted to do for a while is  the Kitsap Color Classic (hereafter KCC). The KCC takes place…

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Tour 2009: day 18

I got up early and left camp by 7:40 wanting to hit the legendary Leggett hill (the highest point in the West Coast route at 2000′) before the day hit the projected 90+ degrees. I was prepared for the heat but it was still chilly as I turned off 101 (yay!) onto highway 1.  The climb up Leggett Hill began soon after and continued for about 3.5 miles but it was actually a nice winding…

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