Ride Reports


So at the democratic caucus on February 9th I’d volunteered to be an alternate delegate for Obama. Well last Saturday, April 5th, was the next step in the process. The location was only about 6 miles from me and all of the mailings were going on about parking issues so I swore I’d ride in.  The weather was forecasted for rain and the sky was gray with large black clouds.  Still it wasn’t raining at…

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Selected Reports

My own Spring Populaire

My Atlantis at Sandy’s Espresso I’ve been itching for a longer ride and I vowed to take one this Saturday. The week had been pretty mixed weather wise, with partially clear skies one moment and wind and rain the next. In other words it was spring. The reports were looking good for Saturday and when I awoke early (for me anyway) the day was sunny with some haze. I took my time in the morning…

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