Tour 2009: day 2

In my opinion the second day is the real start if any tour. The first day you start at home, late and rushed so you don’t properly enter into the touring mindset. It takes a few days to get away from familiar environs as well, making that first day more akin to a rec ride, albeit with ten times the load. On this the second day of my tour I awoke a little early, around 7am.…

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Tour 2007 – day 9

When I got out of the tent this morning it was absolutely clear and already warming up. Now the one thing I was particularly fearing this morning was to find my rear tire flat again. Alas these fears were realized and again the rim was resting right on the ground. Sigh. I put it off till I was done with breakfast packing and so on. Then I pulled the wheel found the small hole and…

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