Bombing Around

Bombing around Beacon Hill

Quickbeam at the southern end of the Chief Sealth Trail I haven’t been riding the Quickbeam too much since moving back to Seattle. Seattle is a hilly city for a single speed, but I’ve been thinking I want to use it for commuting instead of my Atlantis and toward that end I’ve been waiting for some new gear. Primarily the small olive Sackville saddlebag you can see in the above picture.  I’ve mounted that with the…

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Journey to the East: 30 April 2012

Stream in Twanoh State Park “One right to which few intellectuals care to lay claim is the right to wander, the right to vagrancy. And yet vagrancy is emancipation, and life on the road is liberty: one day bravely to throw off the shackles with which modern life and the weakness of our heart encumber us, in a pretence of liberty; to arm oneself with the symbolic staff and bundle and run away”. -Isabelle Eberdardt…

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Photography Ride Reports

Seattle Rides 1: Winter 2012

Showers on part of this ride I’ve been living in Seattle for about nine months now (and of course just across Lake Washington for 12+ years) and am going to at the end of this month set out on an extended bicycle tour. I’ve moved in at the tail end of summer and was here for all of autumn and winter and about half of this spring.  During this time I’ve ridden (and walked and…

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Public Transit Ramblings

Riding the Interurban

Watch out for that train! It’s been a rainy week in Seattle (and all around the PNW), with strong wind, sleet and even wet snow on a few days.  And it was just starting to seem like spring was around the corner. Of course it is, less than two weeks away, and this wetter chillier weather isn’t stopping the plants from sprouting and the trees from budding. It’s typical Western Washington March weather really.  We…

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Signs of Spring

  It’s been really nice of late and I’ve been more interested in riding than writing if you catch my meaning. However the weather has turned to pretty typical Pacific NW late winter/early spring – colder with persistent rain. Of course this doesn’t deter me from riding, but things do tend to be more utilitarian in these cases. However I have built up a backlog of photographs and reports that I’ll take advantage of these…

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Still Walking

September 7th 2011 I walk around the city pretty much every day.  Here is a selection of photographs, mostly taken with my at hand iPhone, from various neighborhoods within walking distance of my University District apartment.  I’ve added a new set on Flickr, Still Walking, to house these photographs which should be regularly updated. October 9th 2011   September 20th 2011   October 9th 2011   September 11th 2011   October 13th 2011

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Ride Reports

Riding to Olympia (and back)

Autumn is certainly in full force now and while we still have beautiful days, apparently El Nino has pushed the weather patterns closer to late October at this point. But three weeks ago it was still quite nice (through increasingly variable) and I decided to ride to Olympia to spend a long weekend with a friend.  It’s about 65 miles by car from my place to Olympia but of course you can’t ride that direct…

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Selected Reports Tour2008

RSVP and Back Again – day 4

Sidney by the sea. The final day of my short little trip dawn mostly clear and windy.  After completing my morning routine in pretty short order I set out for coffee and breakfast.  I walked down the street checking out my options but the place that immediately appealed was a bakery that had doughnuts mounded up in the window.  I got a sugar cake doughnut and a blueberry scone to go as they had no…

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