Tour 2019 – day 3 and 4

Dwelling in the Mountains 6 Here where I live, lakes on the left, rivers on the right, you leave islands, follow shores back to mountains out front, ridges behind. Looming east and toppling aside west, they harbor ebb and flow of breath, arch across and snake beyond, devious churning and roiling into distances, clifftop ridgelines hewn flat and true. -Hsieh Ling-yün, translated by David Hinton in Mountain Home Mountains in the Mists While I got…

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SIR Spring Populaire 2017

This was the third Populaire I’ve done with the Seattle International Randonneurs and the third one where it rained. This was the rainiest of the bunch though.  The ride started 9am at Woodland Park in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle.  It started drizzling a few minutes before the start and was a good steady rain by the time we reached the Burke-Gillman Trail (BGT) heading toward Golden Gardens State Park.  By around mile 15 my cue…

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Ride Reports

Rainy February Ride

Trees on Lake Washington It’s been quite some time since my last point and while there is a backlog of things I should have put some work into there hasn’t been much of interest going on.  The winter doldrums perhaps, hindering rides and blogging past glories.  There are a couple of events that happened at the tail end of 2013 that I should revisit: we shall see.  Anyway the weather this winter has been pretty… variable,…

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Bicycle Camping

Autumn Bicycle Camping Day 4

Atlantis in the wind and rain   October 12th: In which the weather turns for the ride home I was awoken before dawn by wind and rain buffeting the tent. I’d been pretty closely watching the weather for this trip and while it was forecasted to rain on this day it wasn’t supposed to start until later. So I figured I’d be able to pack up, make breakfast and such before it really got started.…

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