Journey to the East: 18 July 2012

metal giants stride across the cornfields dealing electricity with both hands When Giants roamed the earth My night at Kil-So-Quah was pretty rough as the temperatures stayed pretty much in the 80s until near dawn. I also kept being disturbed by a little raccoon that kept going for my food bag. I’d put a lock on the zipper after a raccoon had gotten a previous food bag so it wasn’t able to get in, but…

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Simplify Simplify

Radical Detachement

(I wrote this about 6 months ago and am republishing it here with some recent updates. This is the promised follow up to the earlier Too much of everything post.) I’m in the throes of a process I’m referring to as “radical detachment” in which I’m riding myself of much ephemera that I’ve held onto for years. I’ve got homework from elementary school, college notes, old toys, found rocks, ticket stubs, concert flyers, informative brochures…

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