Tour 2010 – day 3

Like grinding gears The cry of the heron. The morning was foggy and cold, but it was obvious that once the clouds burned off it would be pure blue skies. Walking back from washing my dishes I saw a great blue heron perched, huge and gargoyle like in the trees. It hunched up and flew down into the fog covered river, releasing that mechanical sounding cry as it flew. Impressions from the road: On highway…

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The pub my destination Tour2007

Tour 2007 – day 2

After a fairly fitful nights sleep, I finally got out of bed around 8:30. I showered, made coffee, and oatmeal and turning on the TV for some weather got sucked into a fantastic US Open woman’s match that ended in an upset. So again left a bit late but I wasn’t really pressed for time today. Even though I never caught the weather it turned put to be sunny and warm. I road into Mount…

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