Iron Horse Trail Tour2015

Three Days on the Iron Horse Trail part 1

This year I’m not going to be able to do any extended touring, so I’m attempting to make the most of three-day weekends and overnight trips.  As I’ve noted in these pages it has been quite warm this spring so when Memorial Day Weekend rolled around I finally decided to do a trip I’ve been planning for years: ride a good chunk of the Iron Horse Trail.  Iron Horse State Park is a narrow park…

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Spring Populaire

For various reasons this year I’m going to have extremely limited options for bicycle touring, most likely limited to overnights and three day weekends. For me what I really love about touring is the mindset that you get into, a form of mindfulness where you are in harmony with your surroundings, bicycle and body.  After all my touring I’ve found that I’ve been able to slip into this mindset on longer day rides, where I just…

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Ride Reports

An Autumn Mixed-Terrain Ride

Atlantis in the Leaves It’s been one of those weeks and as so often is the case there is no better therapy than a nice bicycle ride. I’ve been pining to get back to the mountains and while I set out too late to really get into the Cascades I did make it to the foothills.  I ended up  following the Mountain to Sound Greenway which is a sequence of trails interspersed with road riding:…

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The pub my destination

TPMD – Issaquah Brewhouse

Last weekend I had an ambitious riding trip planned that I had to abort due to a cracked rear rim. You can read the whole story here but a trip to the Issaquah Brewhouse was always part of the plan.  The first time I ever rode to Issaquah I found this brew house and on discovering it was a Rogue outlet it became a feature of any trip that routed through Issaquah. Rogue is one…

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