Last Ride 2014

My favorite recent Atlantis shot The end of the 2014 has been marked by unusually wet and warm weather (pineapple express!) interspersed with unusually dry, clear and cold.  Sure it’s not the approaching absolute zero of the midwest or what have you, but it’s been cold. However I wanted to get in one last ride for 2014, plus I needed to get some ingredients for a New Years potluck and I’ve had those coffee outside plans…

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Public Transit Ramblings

Riding the Interurban

Watch out for that train! It’s been a rainy week in Seattle (and all around the PNW), with strong wind, sleet and even wet snow on a few days.  And it was just starting to seem like spring was around the corner. Of course it is, less than two weeks away, and this wetter chillier weather isn’t stopping the plants from sprouting and the trees from budding. It’s typical Western Washington March weather really.  We…

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Still Walking

September 7th 2011 I walk around the city pretty much every day.  Here is a selection of photographs, mostly taken with my at hand iPhone, from various neighborhoods within walking distance of my University District apartment.  I’ve added a new set on Flickr, Still Walking, to house these photographs which should be regularly updated. October 9th 2011   September 20th 2011   October 9th 2011   September 11th 2011   October 13th 2011

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