Some work on the Atlantis

I tend to do my upgrading, changes and fixes on the bicycle at the end of winter in conjunction with cleaning off the accumulated winter gunk. This year due to one of my fender struts snapping off I did a round of work much earlier.  I’d been contemplating replacing my fenders for years now but it’s not exactly thrilling work and since the old set is steel they continued to function well now matter how…

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Simplify Simplify

Targeting Consumption

Drinking a home brewed porter The next step in my program of simplification is to target areas of one’s consumption. Readers of this blog know I enjoy craft beer and it certainly is a measurable portion of my consumption. Clearly brewing my own beer is the answer! I dabbled in home brewing in the late 90s when I was living in a house with some of my old college chums.  After making a successful beginners…

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