May Micro-Tour Day 4

Atlantis packed up and ready to roll May Micro-Tour day 4 The last day of the tour is of course the ride home.  Now when I was camping at Twin Harbors, just a few miles up the road, I rode back to Olympia in a straight shot, which I intended to repeat.  It is a few more miles, but the route I did that time took a rather northeastern jog that added a few miles…

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Bicycle Camping

Autumn Bicycle Camping Day 4

Atlantis in the wind and rain   October 12th: In which the weather turns for the ride home I was awoken before dawn by wind and rain buffeting the tent. I’d been pretty closely watching the weather for this trip and while it was forecasted to rain on this day it wasn’t supposed to start until later. So I figured I’d be able to pack up, make breakfast and such before it really got started.…

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Tour 2009: day 2

In my opinion the second day is the real start if any tour. The first day you start at home, late and rushed so you don’t properly enter into the touring mindset. It takes a few days to get away from familiar environs as well, making that first day more akin to a rec ride, albeit with ten times the load. On this the second day of my tour I awoke a little early, around 7am.…

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