The Current Commute

Mural on the walls surrounding the Capitol Hill light rail station project Since I’m back in the workforce and commuting daily it seems apropos to document my current commute. This will differ significantly from my previous commutes in Woodinville and Kirkland in that I am now right in the heart of the major city of city. A completely urban commute in contrast to my previous suburban routes.  It is the shortest of the commute routes…

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Bicycles Commuting

Late Spring Commute

May is National Bike Month and this Friday is Bike to Work Day.  Now I’ve often taken part in Cascade’s Commute Challenge, usually riding every work day in May, but now and again comp time from work or a planned vacation occurs in May. This May is one of those times, with not only comp time from work but also Jury Duty keeping me away from work. Not that I really mind the time off from work.…

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