Journey to the East: 30 April 2012

Stream in Twanoh State Park “One right to which few intellectuals care to lay claim is the right to wander, the right to vagrancy. And yet vagrancy is emancipation, and life on the road is liberty: one day bravely to throw off the shackles with which modern life and the weakness of our heart encumber us, in a pretence of liberty; to arm oneself with the symbolic staff and bundle and run away”. -Isabelle Eberdardt…

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Tour 2007 – day 10

I woke as if I was still in the tent but I had slept reasonably well. This was the final day, the ride home and I did have a few concerns. First the knee, did my ministrations of the evening before help? What about the rear tire? And of course I’d kind of cobbled together this route and wasn’t really sure how long it was going to take. I wanted to have as much time…

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