My new (to me) Rivendell Quickbeam Upon my return from Bar Harbor after my cross country tour I found myself without my trusty Atlantis for over three weeks.  Up to that point my one bicycle lifestyle had served me well.  While a bit of a break from riding after the tour was acceptable by week two I was itching to ride around my new hometown of Olympia. I began scouring Craigslist for interesting, affordable options…

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Bicycle Camping

Autumn Bicycle Camping Day 4

Atlantis in the wind and rain   October 12th: In which the weather turns for the ride home I was awoken before dawn by wind and rain buffeting the tent. I’d been pretty closely watching the weather for this trip and while it was forecasted to rain on this day it wasn’t supposed to start until later. So I figured I’d be able to pack up, make breakfast and such before it really got started.…

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