Simplify Simplify

Targeting Consumption

Drinking a home brewed porter The next step in my program of simplification is to target areas of one’s consumption. Readers of this blog know I enjoy craft beer and it certainly is a measurable portion of my consumption. Clearly brewing my own beer is the answer! I dabbled in home brewing in the late 90s when I was living in a house with some of my old college chums.  After making a successful beginners…

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Journey to the East: 8 August 2012

Baa-Haa-Baa Hollyhocks fall to the ground trampled underfoot at the festival   -Masaoka Shiki 100 days of solitude Today was the hundredth day since I handed over the keys to my apartment in Seattle and set off: homeless and filled with wanderlust. While I, of course, always intended to cross country at that point it was a journey without much of a goal. That is to say I figured I’d ride where the whims took…

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The pub my destination

TPMD – Black Raven Brewery

Went to the Black Raven Brewery and taphouse last night. I tried their porter and scotch ale, both which were totally fine if not exceptional. They do a lot of one offs, cask conditioned and the like, I’ll definitely try to make it there for some of those events. Anyway its great to have a Brewery so close to work, one that I could easily swing by on my ride home. Will definitely return.

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