Bombing Around

First ride of the new b’ak’tun

First ride of the new b’ak’tun or last ride 2012 or bombing around Oly I was in TN visiting family during the rollover from the 13th to the 14th B’ak’tun and thus am only now getting around to a ride. This day, which is also the final day of 2012, began with snow in Olympia which coated my neighborhood with a fine, wet layer of snow. By the time sufficient coffee and the like had…

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Journey to the East: Photos

Atlantis in East Montana Since returning from the terminus of my 2012 cross country bicycle touring I’ve been slowly (quite slowly alas) sorting through the thousands of photographs that I took. Now I was uploading photos as I went but these stopped around East Montana.  Why is that you ask? Well let me explain the setup I was using for this tour.  I had a Canon Powershop a580 Point and Shoot camera as my primary…

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Slow Start

My Atlantis in Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Garden. Been a slow start to 2012, what with holiday travel and then a solid week of snow and ice upon my return.  But things have been picking up this week which has had some sunny (though cold) days.  Of course I’m not a fair weather rider at all (I do skip out on the ice though); it was quite windy and rainy during an evening ride I took…

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