Bicycle Tours

Tour 2003 – Proto Tour: in which I drove to Fidalgo Island and San Juan Island and rode around

Tour 2004 – Bounded Shores: First fully self contained tour. I rode from my home near Seattle to Fidalgo Island then spent two weeks in the San Juan and Gulf Islands, returning via the Olympic Peninsula.

Tour 2007: A ride circumnavigating the Olympic Peninsula.

Tour 2008 – RSVP and Back Again: A two day ride with the Cascade Cycling Club and two days finding my way back on my own.

Tour 2009 – Ten Year Tour:  In which I ride the Pacific Coast to San Francisco

Tour 2010 – Riding Through: Backroads Washington, Vancouver BC, The Sunshine Coast, Backroads Vancouver Island &c.

Tour 2011 – An Unexpected Tour: After leaving my job of 12 years I ride through the Cascade Mountains in Washington State.

Tour 2012 – Journey to the East: In which I ride from the most Northwestern Corner of the US to the near the most Northeastern.

Tour 2013 – May Micro Tour: Some ramblings in Southeast Washington State.

Tour 2014 – Tour without a goal: In which I ride the Sierra-Cascades route from the Canadian Border to Lake Isabella in Southern California.

Tour 2016 – No Thinking Tour: In which I ride up to Victoria on Vancouver Island for an experimental classical music festival.

Tour 2016 – Coastal Contemplations:  A leisurely ride down the Oregon Coast.

Tour 2016 – Tourus Interruptus – A bike packing trip in the Central Cascades gone awry.

Tour 2017 – Olympic Mountain Dreams – A bike packing trip into the Southeast corner of Olympic National Park.