Tour 2009: day 10

Tour 2009 - day 10-0

It had rained a bit overnight by the day was merely overcast upon my waking. At this point I had a choice: I needed to get some tubes and there was a bike shop a few miles back in Florence or 42 miles ahead in North Bend. I still had one spare and my patch kit so I chose to go forward.

Tour 2009: day 10

It was overall pretty easy riding today, high clouds, not much wind and mercifully rain free. I’m deep in central Oregon now, which is dune country. However wet dunes didn’t appeal so I skipped the play on the dune opportunities that presented themselves early in the ride. There was a long climb early on, with some paving work going on, but nit much traffic due to the hour. I recovered from this a few miles later at the Reedsport Coffeehouse where I had a great cranberry walnut muffin. Back on 101 I was able to leave it for a bit after only a few miles to ride around a waterfront park and harbor. From here the first sight I chose to see, the Umpqua Lighthouse, was located. This involved a steep climb up, one that had me praising my third chain ring, to a nice overlook of the harbor I’d been bicycling around. The lighthouse itself was similar to the others I’ve seen with a Fresnel Lens. This one only had guided tours so I passed on a chance to climb up inside it. Riding away from it involved another steep climb but then I was back on 101.

Tour 2009 - day 10-4

From here to North Bend there weren’t anymore sights so the miles just whipped by. Mostly it’s been pretty gentle rolling hills though the day had two bridges without shoulders. As I approached the second of these, going into North Bend, my rear tire again was low. While I was only a couple miles from the bicycle shop this was disconcerting. I pumped it and tackled the bridge. It had a steep climb at first and the traffic back up behind me. Then it flattened out the opposing traffic leased do those behind me could pass and I jammed across. The clouds were now breaking up and it looked like it was going to be a beautiful afternoon.

Tour 2009 - day 10-7

The bike shop was just across the bridge and it turned out to be closed on Mondays; I had gambled and lost. I rode down to North Bend’s sister city Coos Bay and had lunch at this odd German restaurant that seemed to have one guy waiting, cooking and bar tending. I decided that with only one tube now and no spares I’d stay in North Bend. Additionally the shifter for my rear dérailleur was slipping and at this point it no longer would stay in gear. So I needed a shop for sure. Alas there were no campgrounds near the city so I grabbed a hotel.

Tour 2009 - day 10-9

I’d made good time and the weather now was completely clear and sunny and I’d wanted to make it to tonight’s campground early and enjoy it. But you gotta play the hand you are dealt. Being here early I took advantage of the hotel and hand washed my clothes, changed the bicycle tire and hit the store. Then I went and saw UP which I have to say was great, another Pixar winner. So that’s it for today, a little shorter but I’m only ten miles from where I was supposed to be so not too far behind.

Miles ridden today: 55
Miles ridden to date: 542.13

A few pictures from this day can be found here

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