Tour 2011 – Day 3


I was definitely tired from yesterday’s exertions as I end up sleeping until 9am. I was woken up earlier at first light with the pattering of soft rain, but it stopped quickly so I ignored it. When it came back I got up to cover my saddle which was good as it soon became hard and steady for a spell. It didn’t last though and when I finally did get up it was partly cloudy and warming up.

I took my time at Fort Townsend State Park using the showers and seeing what was there. Turned out to mostly be hiking trails (which looked great) so eventually I headed out on the route I’d taken in to Port Townsend last night.

A marina is at the end of the trail and while there I swung by the Port Townsend Brewery. It’s just a tasting room and I needed food first so I rode around the marina ’til I found the Marina Cafe where I had lunch before riding back to the brewery for a couple of beers. Brewery’s: the real reason to tour. I give their Hop Diggity IPA a thumbs up.


I’d definitely lingered long in PT and it had become hot (this is more August like) so I pretty much rode to the docks and caught the next ferry. It wouldn’t be a WA State tour without a trip on a ferry and this one was particularly nice: clear, with a bit of cloud for interest and warm enough that standing outside was perfect.


The route I’m on now I’ve ridden on several tours so not much new to add. It was warm but I hugged the coast most of the time as I rode back roads as usual. Beat from yesterday’s long haul (and the heat and probably mid-day beer) the West Beach Road rollers really wore me down. However the traffic on Hwy 20 had me missing those hills. I stopped briefly in the center island at Deception Pass Bridge to let cars pass and to enjoy the view.


Now on Fidalgo Island I got off the 20 and rode up Rosario Rd, which goes past my childhood house, which turned out to be a horrible mistake – it had been recently graveled and oiled and was hard, slow, unsafe riding. It seemed that all the side roads had been graveled as well so I stayed on the more direct route and the gravel eventually petered out on Havekost Road. It was getting late and I was really tired so just got a room at the Anacortes Inn.


I walked the rather long distance To the Rockfish Grill which is the Anacortes Brewery’s brewpub. Yes two breweries in one day, this is indeed the life. A couple more pints and I was back I’m sorts. I dug their porter by the cask conditioned IPA they had was the big winner.

Miles today: 42.7
Miles to date 152.3
Some pictures from the tour

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