Tour 2011 – Day 2


Blue sky, only a glimpse, and is it
darkening -Hōsai Ozaki

The first half of this days ride was along Hood Canal. The sky was overcast and threatening rain, but it never did. The road hugged the shore and was always going up or down, usually in pretty short segments. The tide was out and people were out in the slob digging oysters. There was that strangely compelling smell of salt air, ocean and decay.


Weeds are just flowers that no-one is minding.

Occasionally there were hints of the sun, shining thorough a less dense part of the sky, or even a tiny tear of blue in the dark grey sky. It was fairly comfortable riding though, a bit on the cold side perhaps.


Eventually the route turned inward and climbed far above sea level up to Walker Point with it’s view of Mount Walker. This was a pretty, long and wearying climb, several miles in length. At the summit there was a bit of mist, the closest it’d come to raining. The pure green mountains with the must pouring off them was a fantastic sight.


Turned into a mountain of new green, into a mountain path -Hōsai Ozaki

The descent was fairly cold but once I got to bottom the rollers returned and I warmed right up. The route turned off 101 onto Center road which was tree lined and nice but not much to see. Here the rolling hills had a lot longer climbs. Eventually it descended into a valley with green pastures and classic farmhouses. At this point the clouds began to break up and there was some welcome sun.

I rode up this Valley for several miles, then through a tiny town and on to Highway 20 to Port Townsend. Only a few miles on the highway before the turnoff to Fort Townsend State Park. Up the best down narrow road to the park which had no-one minding the entrance so right on to the hiker/biker site which was a really great site. It was up a little path into the woods which opened up to this space in the woods with cleared spots and picnic tables.

I ended up having to ride into Port Townsend to get supplies for dinner and smaller bills to pay for the site. It had become a lovely evening with tattered clouds in the blue sky. But by the time I was back to camp it had clouded up again and was rather chill. A long, tiring day, but enjoyable in the main.

Miles ridden today: 75
Miles ridden to date: 109.6
Some pictures from the tour

6 thoughts on “Tour 2011 – Day 2”

  1. Don’t you know the Atlantis is not designed for front loads ;^). My only experience touring on my Atlantis has been a few multi day tours using light weight gear. Everything fit in or on a Hoss in the rear and a Boxy baggins in the front. Since the word on the street is that the Atlantis is biased towards a rear load how did you arrive at your bag arrangement?

    1. Basically the word on the street is incorrect. The Atlantis handles amazing with a front load, it becomes super stable with front bags, at least low slung front bags. I wouldn’t put a large bag on top of the rack, which is what I tend to have heard people complain about w/r/t front loads on the Atlantis.

      When I started touring I used the full four Arkel Grand Touring pannier set and it was just too much (at least for shorter tours) and on the hills of the PNW (where 15% grades are not unheard of) a trial. So when I did my second tour I bought the Paladin bag and decided to see how it’d work out with a lot less. You of course want your heavy stuff in the front as the rear already supports the weight of the rider, so the Paladin only has clothes, rain gear and misc items in it.

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