Tour 2009: day 9

Tour 2009 - day 9-2

There is a huge group of tourons at the campsite tonight, 11 in total including three I’d seen at the last camp, the three beerhounds and a family of four. We ended up talking until late around the campfire so I’m going to keep it brief here. There isn’t too much to tell anyway as it rained all day.

Tour 2009 - day 9-5

Tour 2009: day 9The day dawned cool and misty and as I left camp began to drizzle. I made a brief stop at Yaquina Head to see the lighthouse in the fog which turned out to be quite interesting and also scenic enshrouded in the mist. From there it was a short ride into Newport where I did laundry, read and drank coffee. The rain had picked up so I was happy to skip some of it. One of my long planned destinations was the Rogue Brewery, which I rode to post laundry. I had a Shakespeare Stout, a cheese pizza and Double Dead Guy. Also I joined the Rogue Nation (for the discount that is, as of August 2010 have not taken further advantage of my membership_. As was leaving town I ran into L___ from the previous nights camp. He had encountered torrential rain and was going to get a hotel in Newport. I rode on and leaving Newport went over a shoulderless bridge. A mile or so later the rain started.

Tour 2009 - day 9-9

This was a real steady rain with accompanying headwind and I shortly pulled over to put on my rainpants. I had about 55 miles to go at this point and I pretty much just head down persevered. There wasn’t much that could be seen in the rain and 101 was pretty busy with people heading home. This went on for 20 miles. It began to get hilly, up and down various capes and headlands. The rain stopped for a bit but the headwind picked up. Then the rain came back. I’d pull over at the scenic overlooks and see little but clouds, mist and rain: not a lot of pictures taken.

Tour 2009 - day 9-11

I road through several nice looking little towns, Waldport, Yachats and so on but I always just rode on, wanting to get the day done. Finally I reached Florence, which was a few miles before the campground. I got cash from a cash machine but held off on getting food as the guide said there would be a store there. Finally I pulled into the campground as the rains picked up again. The beerhounds and that couple from last might were there and I quickly set up and then went and took a hot shower. Never has a shower felt so good. Then I made dinner from my backup meal (the store of course being closed) as the guys got a fire going. And then we all chatted around the fire, at one point during this the family of four arrived and joined us at the fire. A nice way to end a fairly miserable day.

Miles ridden today: 66.4
Miles ridden to date: 487

A few pictures from this day can be found here

2 thoughts on “Tour 2009: day 9”

  1. Kudos for riding on, despite the rain. The foggy photos are quite beautiful.

    Rogue is good stuff, but for some reason even though I see it in stores frequently, I don’t often get any. Not sure why. Maybe I should try it again.

  2. Being a PNW-er I’m no stranger to rain, but the all day slog…

    The thing about Rogue is they make a ton of different beers but only a few of then are great. Shakespeare Stout is the best, but I can also get behind their Mocha Porter and Juniper Pale Ale. They have a special series, the XS series, of high octane beers that are almost always worth trying.

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