An Unexpected Tour

Tour2011  - Setting off

My Rivendell Atlantis fully loaded and ready to head out on its latest adventure.

At the end of July I was laid off from my job and had moved out of my house – a perfect time to head out on a tour.  I had some obligations to take care of: a family visit, securing a new place, financial stuff and so on so I ended up staying with a friend for a while. Everything wrapped up and my new place unavailable until September 1st, I decided to set off on a nice 2-3 week tour. I hadn’t really planned anything at all, usually I work out details for weeks or months before hand, but in this case I both was too busy with the aforementioned moving and other obligations to do so. I decided that I wanted to visit Mount Rainier and some parts of Eastern Washington I hadn’t down before, so the Adventure Cycling’s new Sierra-Cascades route would be ideal. I got them to send me the first couple of sections which has a route that wends through the Cascades from the Canadian Border all the way to Crater Lake.

I’m setting off in an hour or so and as always will try to blog the trip. I’m planning on short updates for this one with more extensive posts to follow. This route I think will be similar to my Olympic Peninsula route where cell phone access was common but it usually didn’t include the data options, so I’ll be relying more on WiFi in cafes and such. But still will post when I can and will try to upload a few pictures to Flickr in my Tour 2011 set.

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    1. The layoff was fairly mutual so not so bad really (barring the dire economy of course).

      No worries on keeping up – daily posts are usually too much for me as well. The nice things about blogs is that those posts aren’t going anywhere!

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