Tour 2009: day 7

Tour 2009 - day 7-2

Today was a rest day where I took a break from cycling and hiked around Cape Lookout instead. In keeping with the theme I’ll make this a short entry as well.

Tour 2009: day 7

Being so close to the ocean means that the sounds of the surf dominates everything. I find thus tremendously soothing and it lulled me to sleep last night. Not having anything on the docket for today I lolled about in the tent then had a leisurely breakfast. I did have one errand to run: I needed to get groceries. So I did end up riding back to Netarts to pick up supplies. This was rather pleasant though as the bicycle was unloaded and those were nice roads. It was sunny and warm and people were out in the low tide clamming. Along with the people was the beautiful great blue heron pictured above that stood stock still fishing and then moved on.

Tour 2009 - day 7-0

Tour 2009 - day 7-4After returning and an early lunch I set out for the days activity: hiking out to the titular Lookout. This involved two trails, the first the North Coast was mostly in the woods with some scenic ocean views early on. It climbed quite a bit though, over the bulk of it’s 2.4m. I began to feel that thus much hiking on these rocky, rooty trails wasn’t so smart but I persevered.  This steep path up, was well off the road but more or less paralleled it; I knew that I’d be riding up this same hill tomorrow. Something to look forward to. The second bit was out to the end of Cape Lookout and was another 2.2 miles. I hadn’t brought enough water for this hard of hiking (I incorrectly assumed that the park at the trail head would have water) and I really had to conserve it. This hike was also mostly in the woods but now and again marvelous vistas would open up through the trees. The view at the end was spectacular: vast, wide open blue ocean and a lightly cloud streaked sky.

Tour 2009 - day 7-6

It clouded up and became a bit windy as I hiked back which lead to a cool and nice hike back. Inverting the strenuous climb up it was of course all downhill and I felt that all that descending was hard on my knees.  Now I’m back in camp and it is foggy and much cooler and I’m resting with my knee elevated: I definitely suffered a bit from that hike. There is a lot of climbing in tomorrows ride so cooler weather would be all right. Hopefully no wind or rain though.

Tour 2009 - day 7-10

Now I’m off to walk the beach a bit and do some reading.

Miles ridden today: 13.5m
Total distance: 351.87

A few pictures from this day can be found here

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