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Late Spring Commute

Today's commute

May is National Bike Month and this Friday is Bike to Work Day.  Now I’ve often taken part in Cascade’s Commute Challenge, usually riding every work day in May, but now and again comp time from work or a planned vacation occurs in May. This May is one of those times, with not only comp time from work but also Jury Duty keeping me away from work. Not that I really mind the time off from work.  Anyway I’ve only been in to work two days this month, as of this post,  of which I rode one of. The other I took the bus as I had gotten sick – which really kept my riding down for the rest of the week which I spent at home on call. I have to say, it is most unfair to get sick whilst one is off from work – one feels like they should get that time back:

Yes well “somebody” owes me.  Big time.  Anyway I’m now back to work and I indeed rode in today. My lungs are still a bit ravaged from the previous weeks coughing, but for all intents and purposes I’m back in the game. Hopefully by the weekend I’ll be fully ready to return to longer rides – my endurance sure isn’t what it normally is this time of year.  And it looks like the weather is finally looking up – it’s been a cold spring, record cold as matter of fact. While it was very cloudy and windy on today’s commute the forecast is for increasingly sunny weather with the temperatures finally getting into the sixities and by the weekend (hopefully) the upper sixties. Of course I do have Jury Duty and will probably have to go into Seattle a couple of days this week (today was my first day but my group wasn’t called in) for which I’ll be back on the bus. So really who knows how the rest of the commute is going to be this week.

Today's commute

A little closer view to show my new-to-me Adam saddlebag

This commute is also the first one with my new-to-me Adam saddlebag.  When I bought this Atlantis in 2004 the bags that Riv was selling back then were the “Baggins” line which my front Hobo and this Adam are in. They also had versions that were more classily styled that were their “Sackville” line.  I obviously bought the Hobo back then and it has rarely left my Atlantis since. But I didn’t buy any of the current Baggins line of saddlebags (the Adam, the Hoss and the Little Joe)  as I was still thinking with more of touring mindset and I had a full set of Arkel touring panniers. I did though buy a little tiny Berthoud bag for tools and parts which has remained on my Atlantis until I got this bag. I was also taking my laptop to work in those days and I had the excellent Arkel briefcase which made that simple and safe. This served me well for years but eventually I stopped taking my laptop to work and I had begun touring with a saddlebag as well.  I like the way the bicycle rode with a saddlebag and I wanted to only use my Arkel’s for touring (Arkel has discontinued the green color which I love so I want to keep them as nice as possible) so I began looking around for a smaller saddlebag for everyday use.  The Country Bag would have been ideal but of course Riv who are always changing up the bag line was no longer carrying it (at least in canvas; they also make tweed versions which are cool, but I’m a waxed canvas guy).  Riv’s current bags (back to the Sackvilles!)  I’m sure are great but again, I’m a waxed canvas guy. Anyway whilst I was at Freerange Cycles a couple weeks back I was checking out the Zimbale saddlebags which I thought quite nice and seemingly about the right size the proprietress in the course of discussing things Rivendell mentioned she might sell her Adam. Well I jumped on that! So a mere two days after the ride discussed in this post I returned to Freerange to check it out. Well we struck a deal and now I have the Adam.  It actually isn’t too much smaller than my Paladin (which I had felt was too large for commuting) but it holds my raingear, some extra clothes and my work bag with thermos of coffee, lunch and so on. So its just right, it came pre-beusaged which matches my Hobo just right.  The whole thing was quite serendipitous all around.

A few more pictures of my Atlantis at this cherry tree can be see here.

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