Tour 2009: day 2

Tour 2009 - day 2-2

In my opinion the second day is the real start if any tour. The first day you start at home, late and rushed so you don’t properly enter into the touring mindset. It takes a few days to get away from familiar environs as well, making that first day more akin to a rec ride, albeit with ten times the load. On this the second day of my tour I awoke a little early, around 7am. I’d slept a bit fitfully as is usually the case at the start of a tour, but not terribly. I had taken advantage of being in a motel to wash my clothes, charge my electronics and replenish my supplies – it was almost a fresh start. Nevertheless this day had more miles and I was sure to be a bit less vigorous then the day before so I wanted an early start (for me).

Tour 2009 - day 2-1

I made it out the door by 9:30 and was shortly on the road only to discover I’d left my water bottles in my rooms fridge. D’oh! Back to the motel it was, luckily only adding a scant mile all told to the day. Back on the road I backtracked a bit on yesterdays route but after two miles or so turned onto to new roads. Like yesterday I was retracing the tail end of my 2007 tour, however on this day I was on almost entirely new roads. In that previous tour on this section I’d ridden on far too many freeways and heavily trafficked roads, so I’d worked our an alternative route. This route was mostly in the woods, or through clear cuts and while not devoid of traffic it was pretty minimal. The surfaces were mainly chipseal but often there was a border on the shoulder of smooth asphalt. The terrain was mainly rolling, with a couple of good hills but none epic. The scenery included numerous lakes, streams and rivers. All in all a sweet bit of country riding, save for the wind.

Tour 2009 - day 2-5

The day was overcast and cool in stark contrast to the previous days clear, bright heat. There was a persistent wind blowing from the southwest – the direction I was heading. It was always there and it got stronger, and stronger as I neared the coast with increasingly powerful gusts. Things were as described for the first 35 miles or so, mostly in the woods with few towns or services. This was nice but I was ready for lunch. I turned at this point right into the wind on the worst chip sealed road to date- rough, beat down with high traffic to boot. But five miles later I was in the little town of Montesano where I got classic diner fare of grilled cheese, onion rings and blackberry pie à la mode at the Bee Hive Restaurant. Thus along with a beer revived my flagging spirit, which had been beat down by the wind.

Tour 2009 - day 2-3

I’d ridden over half the way there and the next ten miles would be pretty similar – following a river (a slough actually) through the woods. A bit more traffic at first and hillier but still nice riding. I made it to the small town of Cosmopolis which turned into the outskirts of Aberdeen. At this point dear readers the good times were over. From Aberdeen to Westport on the ocean, there us only one road, hwy 105 and it in itself was no thrill ride. But the wind was grueling at this point and there were several, long endlessly long, hills as well. Additionally there wasn’t a dingle store over the 17 miles and I wad about drained of water by the end. I was of course tired, hungry and ready to be done so this was a slog. The worst bit was at the end were there was thus steeply arching bridge with no shoulder I had to cross. I was buffeted by the winds up there and a couple of gusts physically blew me around. Scary.

Tour 2009: day 2- first camp

I made if though,  just a couple of miles later I was at Twin Harbors Beach State Park setting up my campsite. I set up and ate a sandwich and drank a pale ale I’d gotten right before the campground. I chose the sandwich as I had been worried about the wind interfering with my stove, but it wouldn’t have been a problem, in fact I later made some tea. I spent the rest if my evening walking around camp and to the ocean, my first sighting of it on this trip. It was too windy and cold to linger long, so back to my camp where I am now. As I type I’m in my tent listening to the ever intriguing croak of frogs.

Tour 2009 - day 2-9

Some photos from todays ride

Miles ridden today: 73
Miles to date: 133.5

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  1. I’m guessing he is simply because this post suffers from tiny thumb-keyboard grammar…! Not a criticism though I have tried to use the iPhone WordPress app as well to post blog posts and had to go back and clear up all the mistakes later.

    I agree its great to be able to follow your journey Robert. I felt tired this morning just reading this post.

  2. Hey gents, thanks for reading, it means a lot to me to have people following along.

    Ad you have guessed I am indeed doing all of my posting via iPhone. Richard is definitely correct about the poor grammar! I actually meant to put a “posted by iPhone caveat on my posts, so thanks for the reminder!

    I have to say it is so much better now then it was last tour before apps and 3G and copy/paste. Sure my post quality isn’t as good as sitting at home, but far better then it was then. Alas I messed up something with my WP uploads or I’d be adding pictures as well. Ah well at least I have Flickr and the sweet FlickIt app for that.

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