Tour 2010 – day 14

Sound of waves
far off close by
how much longer to live?

Things tend to work out, that’s been my experience anyway. That is to say when you leaving things to chance, unplanned where something can easily go wrong it tends to work out. Of course I’ve had my share if misfortune and things not working out but they often do. A case in point in two cases today where I was taking risks, not without understanding mind you, they both worked out better than I hoped.

Leaving the hostel thus morning I set out on the Lochside Trail which I’ve ridden twice before and there I’d nothing much to say about. But at the beginning of the route there is this bit on the road where it’s easy to miss the turn and I did. But I just kept going figuring once I hit the coast the roads would turn inland and eventually intersect the trail. But I did have a ferry to catch and while I had some cushion there was some pressure here. I ended up following these tiny little signs for the Coast Tour bicycle route and not only did it intersect with the Lochside, it was the much more scenic and pleasant route. It was on the water, passed through nice little neighborhoods and went around a forested park. A bit more hilly but a fun ride.

I’ve done the ferry before but it was a spectacular sunny day and the boats were out in force for this Labor Day weekend. Not much better scenery than the San Juan Islands from a bust on a sunny day.

A green bug
Hitched a ride
On my handlebars

Labor Day weekend – this was the cause of my second bit of stress. This is the last hurrah for summer before school and a lot of people go camping thus weekend so trying to camp anywhere without a reservation is seriously a crapshoot. I’d planned to go to South Whidbey State Park which seemed to have 3 hiker/biker sites which are unreservable and have a good chance of not being occupied. But that campground is the last one on Whidbey and was about 75 miles of riding from Victoria. With the little extra I did this morning plus I took a jog into Anacortes to take care of some stuff it’d be over 80. That’s a long day and Whidbey is hilly. Not to mention there’s a headwind… The ideal thing would be to camp at Fort Casey State Park but it has very few sites and Labor Day weekend. But I figure I’d try and then head to South Whidbey after finding it full.

It’s six as I pull into the campground, the last few miles in a particularly vicious headwind. I circle through the entire campground and it is indeed full. That is except for a handicap site. I pass that by and then go back to it hoping it has some sort of exceptions. The sign tells me that if it is unoccupied after 6pm it’s first come first served. It’s 6:04. Things tend to work out. Oh and a couple hours later I caught a glorious sunset.

Some pictures from the tour

Miles ridden today: 63.9
Miles ridden to date: 700.5

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