Tour 2010 – day 12

A world of trials
and if the cherry blossoms,
it simply blossoms.

This was one of those days where any hassles one has gone through seem absolutely worth it. And yet it began auspiciously enough with the power going out in Port Renfrew. I was still able to take a hot morning shower and when I rode down to check out found the restaurant was open on generator power. So I was able to get coffee and Internet access and all was well. No rain either.

The ride though us what really made the day, though again it started out rather direly with an especially long climb. The roads would continue to climb but also descend a lit as the route wound it’s way through coves and river valleys. It began in trees with glimpses of coast now and again and then a full on view of the ocean on a bridge crossing. It had been cloudy and chill, but slowly patches of blue became bigger until the sky was mostly clear.

The chirp of the crickets
seems to echo
across the road

Around this time I burst out of the trees and was on a beach in bright sunlight where I actually saw people surfing. The climb up from that beach was rough and at the top I pulled over to take off my legwarmers and found wild chickens roosting in the bushes there. The day was warm and clear and I was mostly on the coast on these roads that wending along like a Swiss mountain road. Really lovely riding though certainly not too easy. But just ad I was wearing down I was at the turn off for camp.

Sooke-Potholes Regional Campground turned out to be a land trust run by the Land Conservancy of Canada and is one of the best campgrounds I’ve seen. There is a Cyclist Camping area here that is donation supported with covered picnic tables, fire pit with benches, groomed pads for tents and easy access to water. And it’s right on the terminus of the Galloping Goose a 50km rail-trail that goes right into Victoria. Plus you can hear the babbling if the river here and there us do little light pollution that the stars are legion. Great place.

There was no one here when I arrived but as I finished dinner a pair of tourons arrived from Portland. They built a fire and we ended up chatting about the usual (travel, bikes, single-malt etc) until we all got cold. It’s nice to have the camaraderie of fellow tourons now and again.

Warm again tomorrow
stars out
promise of good walking

Some pictures from the tour

Miles ridden today: 54.2
Miles ridden to date: 603.2

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