Tour 2010 – day 11

I’m not sure I’ve ever been as wet as I was today. It started raining when I went to sleep last night and it hadn’t stopped by the time I got up. This was a real rain too, not just drizzle. It rained while I packed up, rained while I had breakfast, did laundry and other such things to try to wait it out. It was only misting when I actually left town, but I was fully kitted out in my rain gear anticipating it’s return.

The faster I go
The wetter I become
Into forested hills

Todays route was one I worked out using Google Maps and some randoneuring routes and it was through hilly forest land on a road that had only recently been paved. This was amazing riding, all through lush green hills with mist and rain visibly streaming off of them. This scenery was only marred by the clearcutting and logging roads that drove the development of this route. The road was fairly primitive, but traffic was rare and this really struck me as a unique route, one that is not frequently travelled.

Scars on green mountains
Healed only by time
Ripped open again.

The route kept ascending at first but after a washed out bridge (with a crew working on it and a temporary bridge) it became mostly downhill. At this point the rain really picked up soaking me through with the speed of the descents driving the rain. I was following a river now and slowly the lands became less logged and there was campgrounds and points of interest. At Fairy Lake Campground a black bear came bounding out of the woods right across my path. One of very few times I’ve seen a bear in the wild. The river became salt marsh and I was at the ocean, the west coast.

The heart of the island
Green hills and mist
Cut into again and again.

At this point I was as wet as I’ve ever been, everything completely soaked through. So I got a hotel at Port Renfrew, which is little more than a bump in the road and a dock. A shower never felt so good.

Some pictures from the tour

Miles ridden today: 43
Miles ridden to date: 548

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