Tour 2010 – day 10

It was another long day today with even more miles ridden, but I don’t feel nearly as beat down as I did yesterday. Perhaps it is acclimatization, perhaps I simply spaced it out better but I think it was the lack of wind.

Wind from the sea
butterflies in the embankment weeds
never resting

The day was spent mostly on highways which are mainly charmless and without too much to see. The best riding of the day was into Nanaimo on bicycle paths and signed routes ending at a very scenic waterfront. There was a waterfront path, tiny little foot ferries to an island, parks and cute little shops. Above the harbor was a quaint shopping district filled with coffee houses, bookstores, restaurants and the like. I spent an hour or two here and could have explored a lot more.

Leaving Nanaimo it was then 20 miles (or so) on the Trans-Canada highway which was busy, hot but relatively straightforward riding. Lots of time for contemplation though:

Summer sun, and
the sound of cars

Just riding through
not much time for attachments
dead dragonflies.

Go back behind your cloud.

Finally leaving the highway it was back country roads to Lake Cowichan. Of corse these were a lot hillier but it was nice to be out of the sun, away from the constant roar of traffic and in this scenic valley. First time really away from the coasts of the Island and the valleys are beautiful: cut in between these towering green hills, farmland, the river and winding roads. The day waning now as I arrive, the sun going behind clouds now leaves me chilled:

Evening sun!
Come out from behind your cloud.

Some pictures from the tour

Miles ridden today: 74.2
Miles ridden to date: 503.3

Note: posting could be sparse for the next couple of days.

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