Tour 2010 – day 9

The further north I go
Colder and colder these
Late summer nights

Today would my last day on the Sunshine Coast and the first on Vancouver Island. I would also hit the apex of my northern travels and begin the southward journey. I am now past the halfway point of the tour and from here on out have less days ahead of me than behind me.

Green trees tinged with gold
My brown head tinged with grey
Summer wanes

The day began rather leisurely in the morning but would become a hard slog in the afternoon. The last little bit on the Sunshine Coast was a nice ride on rolling hills then a scenic bit of coastline before finally ending in the town of Powell River. It had been a cold ride and the sedate pace was a welcome chance to warm up. However I had two hours before the ferry so I spent this in a coffee shop charging the phone, drinking coffee and other such activities.

The ferry was the usual scenic affair though this was easily the most beat down BC Ferry I’ve been on to date. The route, as it was heading to an island, was more in open water, so the mountains of the coast and Vancouver Island were more distant.

Before this autumn wind
Even the shadows of mountains
Shudder and tremble.
– Issa

When I left the ferry it was now early afternoon and I had 55 miles to ride. This was rather unfortunate in that there was interesting looking sidetrips and things to explore but due to my upcoming route across the island I had to bear down and do this long afternoon ride. To add insult to injury there was a vicious headwind the entire way, which just further wore me down. So not much to report, though there was an awful lot of beautiful scenery and quaint little towns – an area worth coming back to.

Walking on the beach in the gloaming I realized it had been quite a few days since I was last on the ocean. The gentle surf I find calming but there is always a tinge of sadness.

Issa again:
Today, today too,
Somehow getting by these days, still
Living in a daze.

Some pictures from the tour

Miles ridden today: 71
Miles ridden to day: 431

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