Tour 2010 – day 8

Today I did something I’ve wanted to do for a long time: wild camping, which is to say camping outside of a campground. Not true “stealth” camping where one is trespassing, no I’m on land where it is okay to camp. But it has a completely different feel to it: no services, nobody around, just out on the land. Why today, you ask, well let me start at the beginning.

The first full day of riding on the sunshine coast was actually mostly inland, in the woods. There was a very scenic bit of coast at the start and then after a good steep climb the road turned inland. At first you’d get tantalizing bits of coast through the trees but after a cute little lake it was all in the trees. The road was very up and down as well with a couple major efforts going up, but also some good long descents. All one could really see was trees at first and then these towering pure green tree covered mountains.


Going deeper
And still deeper —
Green mountains.

Finally after a particularly long descent I was at Ruby Lake which was a fantastic lake studded with numerous rocky islands. The road around it was real up and down with a couple of very long hot climbs. Finally a good long descent to the ferry which I arrived about 15min before it did.

Another great ferry ride around this rugged coast. These coastal mountains come right down to the sea which is part of the reason all this area is connected by ferry; just too hard to put roads through here.

How I long for a house
only accessible by boat.

The campground I was shooting for was about a mile past the dock and it was only 4pm. The guidebook mentioned that 6 miles up the road was an access road to a Canoe route which you could freely camp at. So I figured I’d at least check it out being easily able to just ride back if it didn’t seem worthwhile. But the place I wanted to stock up on water at didn’t have any so I returned to the Campground and as I was getting water I heard a group of loud bros shouting and cursing and that clinched it – off to the primitive camping. Included in those 6 miles  was an epically, long steep hill in what was now a quite hot sun and then rollers for a bit before I was finally at the Powell River Canoe Access road which was a terribly rough dirt road. About a mile and a half in I took a disused looking side road along a little creek and at a wide spot in the road made camp.

Some pictures from the tour

Miles ridden today: 51.51
Miles ridden to day: 360

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