Tour 2010 – day 7

After the hermitage of my tent the two nights in the hostel were positively decadent. So it is not without some relief that I left the big city and returned to camping. The city is always lively and filled with things to do but it can be hard. I walk a lot when I visit cities and every time I visit Vancouver I seem to end up on Hastings Street where much misery and real suffering is ever present. Issa wrote:

The beggar remains
Sitting in evening rain —
few coins in his box

Making my way out of the city my route took me through Stanley park, which I rode many times in my youth and most recently on my 2008 tour. This time the ride would be a bit more of a challenge as it began to rain which then became a real downpour.

Spring rain in summer
A tree beside the path
provides shelter

In the direction I was heading I could see blue skies, so I donned my rain gear and when the rain slackened somewhat I made my escape. By the time I was crossing the imposing Lions Gate Bridge the rain had stopped and as I rode through West Van it was sunny with big fluffy clouds.

Today again, soaking wet,
I walked on an unknown road.

This was completely new territory for me and the riding was lovely; up and down the rocky coast on winding roads in the sun. Eventually there was a long descent and I was at the first of the ferries. This aspect of the Sunshine Coast is quite charming, it uses ferries to connect points on the mainland, bypassing sections that have no roads or are deeply cut by inlets. The BC ferries are a real pleasure too, quite luxurious for public transit. The route the ferry took was stunning among rocky islands and along mountainous, forested mainland. It was sunny with big white clouds toward the west with clouds streaming up the mountains on the mainland. Too soon the ferry came to land and I was now officially on the Sunshine Coast.

Not for that long on this short day. There was an epic climb from the ferry terminal then onto highway 101 which I’ll spend the bulk of my time on the Sunshine Coast. 101 followed the coast but was in trees most of the time so I didn’t see much of it. After just a few miles I was at Roberts Creek Provincial Park and done for the day.

Some pictures from the tour

Miles ridden today: 31.7
Miles ridden to date: 308.5

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