Tour 2010 – day 6

At last it’s cleared up;
Today I will do the wash.
– Santoka

A day off from my travels, a chance to catch up on the mundane details but also a chance to walk around this great city. I spent the morning on those activities (laundry, currency exchange, blah, blah, blah), but the afternoon I walked to Granville Island.

We used to visit Granville Island all the time when I was a kid but I’d avoided it since: I recalled it as too touristy, too crowded, too much of a pain to get to by car or foot. Well it is all those things, but like Pike Place Market in Seattle it has a real farmers market and much fresh and locally made foods. I ended up combing the stalls for items for dinner.

I also wanted to go to the Granville Island Brewery but it was completely packed. So I walked around some more and had a sampler at an Artisan Sake Brewer! I thought their sake was great, though I’m no expert. I did make it to the brewery and had their Pale Ale which was good, but was told when I wanted to order another they could only sell 12oz of beer per customer, due to only having a tasting license. Well, time to walk back.

The evening was spent at a concert from some guys I know who were touring from back east. I’d missed their Seattle dates so was lucky to encounter them here. It was good ones in this tiny little bookstore/coffee house on the edge of Gastown.

So that was my first rest day and last in Vancouver. Now that I’m leaving the hostel my posts may be sporadic.

Some pictures from the tour

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