Tour2010 – day 5

Its a serious juxtaposition, walking around the streets of Vancouver, one of the largest cities on the west coast, mere days after being in a campsite in the Cascades without even potable water. I’m staying at the downtown Vancouver hostel, which I have to say is pretty nice, with the exception of an ensuite bathroom I’ve stayed at worse hotels. The hostel is more or less right in the portion of Van I know best so I walked down to the Yaletown Brewery where I knew I could get a good, cold draft. For the days ride was hot, dusty and in traffic most of the day.

In my campsite
A woodpecker knocks for his breakfast
Water is all I have

I had run out of fuel for my stove the day before but I didn’t want to replenish it as I knew I’d be crossing the border and then staying at the hostel today. But that means no coffee this morning. Luckily there was a market just outside the campsite where I could rectify that. And again 8 miles later in Blaine after some beautiful country roads.

The Border wasn’t much of an issue (though they pressed me on handgun ownership) and I’m in Canada. The ride then mostly becomes somewhat of a slog: almost all on highways (with big shoulders for the most part), with lots of traffic. While there was nice scenery: farmland, coastal views, Mount Baker and other cascade range mountains I mostly had to pay attention to the road and the traffic. Still a lot of that filters in.

Hurrying along the road,
I can’t look back.
– Santoka Tenada

Once I got through the Geroge-Massy tunnel (which is done via a shuttle service) I was back on the route I took for my 2008 tour which one can check out for further details. Needlessly to say on this hot day at the end of summer all the beaches were packed and there were a lot of other cyclists. It all went well and once I crossed the Burrard bridge I was just a few blocks from the hostel and done.

Some pictures from the tour

Miles ridden today: 59.75
Miles ridden to date: 276.5

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