Tour 2020 – Island Hopping day 4

Day 4 – Thursday, October 1st, 2020

This morning was, if anything, even foggier than the day before. The sun red through the morning fog, the long descent out of Moran State Park clammy. I was making my leave of Orcas Island today, but apart from the required retracing of steps, I would at least take at least one variant.  You always end up on Orcas Road for some part of the trek from Eastsound to the ferry but there are two nice variants one can take. The easterly gravel road I did on my arrival, and Crow Valley Road which I rode on this day. Lovely valley road, again less traffic than Orcas Road with Turtle Mountain to ones west and farmland to the east.  You can add additional riding on Orcas by exploring the many side roads of Deer Harbor, but I chose to head in to the ferry. Lopez Island was calling.


Crescent Beach on Orcas Island

I arrived at the ferry terminal and paused to get a coffee right as the ferry came in. I bolted my joe and rode down and onto the ferry. The ferry trips in and out of the islands were both very late and very full, but the inter-island trips I always had great luck. This ferry was empty enough I sat virtually alone in the main cabin out of the cold breeze of the car deck. When we disembarked I waited for the traffic to pass and then began the climb up from the ferry dock.  Lopez isn’t totally flat, but at least on the paved roads this is the only hill of any note. It’s not so bad either. After cresting it there is a short decent and there is Odlin County park right there.  I pulled in to check it out and it had great hiker/biker sites but only the group site had h/b rates. I wasn’t so inclined for the group site so I thought I’d check out Spencer Spit State park which also had h/b. Plus I wanted to get in an afternoon ride on the Island.


Crow Valley on Orcas Island

I wandered around, looping through valleys and some wooded areas making my way to Spencer Spit State Park. Once there I found that they had consolidated the h/b sites with the walk in sites for the duration of the pandemic. These were more isolated from the rest of the campground and were really nice, tucked into pockets of trees off a central open area. There wasn’t anyone else here which of course meant I could pick the best site. But they were far up the hill from the water and I kept thinking of the sites right on a bluff at Odlin. So after some dithering I took a somewhat different route back to the county park making for a big loop of the NE corner of the island.

Back at Odlin I picked what was clearly the best of the on bluff campsites. The group site never did get occupied so I could have gotten the cheaper site. But again it was in the woods and wasn’t so large that if someone had shown up it would have not been what I wanted. Cooking dinner at the picnic table overlooking the  water I knew I’d made the right choice.

My photos from this day: Island Hopping Day 4.
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