Tour 2019 – Day 32

I wake
every morning the same
person. Same life-

history, same
mind, same eyes

looking. Some-
times, when the boredom
seems  almost
endless, I

walk out among
mountains the same

mountains, sky

sky, and I understand
them perfectly.

-David Hinton
from Desert: Poems


Time after time after time
In one, not even particularly long, day I would unwind my whole month of travel. Around 8:30am I made my way to Epic Mountain Sports where they had boxed my bike. They hadn’t opened yet, but were there getting ready for the day. They handed off my bicycle and I lugged it over to the Frisco Transit Center, just across the parking lot. The airport shuttle shortly arrived and I was on my way to the Denver Airport.

Last views of the mountains in Frisco

The interstate to Denver goes over a mountain pass and there was just lovely streams, peaks, mountain towns. Huge amount of infrastructure for recreation as well. Recreation on an industrial scale. There were several impressive bike paths along this route to the pass that looked to be great riding. Eventually the land flattened and massive edge city began. Then Denver looking some much larger than when I was here last. Finally the madness of the airport and my time in the Rockies came to a close. After all this time in the mountains, no-one or just a few people around you have to just let it wash over you.

On the ferry to Whidbey, Cascades in the distance

From SeaTac it was the a shuttle to Whibey Island. The throngs of traffic and people and construction. I miss being in the mountains but am I’m happy to be back among my home mountains, the Cascades Before too long I’ll need to take respite in the North Cascades, where my heart lies.

always there
these mountains
a piece of
myself as well
but there are
mountains in
our minds
and our
they are all our
teachers if
we can

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