Tour 2019 – day 16


Only a few days are left,
So together we climb up to face the endless pools.
When will we get on the stone path again
Toward the gate up on the mountain
And raise our cups up there?
The autumn waves spread on the Si River,
An ocean view brightens Julai Mountain.
Like tumbling weeds, we will go separate ways,
So for now let us drain our cups.

– Li Bai
translated by Ha Jin in The Banished Immortal, the life of Li Bai (Li Po)

Post and Pole
From the lovely Moose Creek I spent the morning winding through these woods of Idaho. There was a pretty hefty climb up to nearly 8000′ but this granted me spectacular views of the valley below and distant peaks. I rode along the ridge for awhile, up and down on these loose gravel roads. When it began to descend it soon turned to pavement. For almost 20 miles Fish Creek Rd was inexplicably paved.

Look down from the high point on the Fresh Creek Alternative

When I turned back on the route I was a few thousand feet lower and hot. I descended into Grizzly Gorge along a playful creek and climbed my way back out. Still in the woods the road turned paved and then opened up to this expansive views of green fields and there in the distance the Teton Range! Rocky, jagged and snow streaked; magnificent!

Idaho fields with the Teton Range in the distance

From these fields I turned east and after the pavement ended it was a brutal long stretch on these rough, rocky road. Not even gravel, basically just loose rock. It was super hot and the sun beat down upon me. But once I got on the ridge there were more views of the Tetons, Indian Lake which is a rare Loon breeding lake, vast meadows and at an otherwise nondescript location I crossed the state line. Wyoming!. Just a few miles over the border I camped along the South Boone Creek, thoroughly worn out on this long hot day.

white clouds
float in expansive skies
crossing below it
there is
forgetting words,
forgetting what has happened
forgetting what may happen
forgetting self
just the doing

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