Tour 2019 – Day 13

Green gullies and red cliffs wherever I look
and my thatch hut in between
beneath a patched robe my body stays warm
I’ve forgotten my worries along with the date
rushes grow thin where the soil is rocky
bamboo shoots grow tall where it’s deep
sometimes at midnight I hear a bell
and remember there’s a temple down below

translated by Red Pine in The Mountain Poems of Stonehouse

High Road to Lima
It rained overnight and I stayed in the tent until it stopped. One of life’s great pleasures to listen to rain on the tent. One I did emerge outside it was an incredible tableau of ragged clouds and filtered sunlight. The road just continued on from yesterday gently climbing for a few miles. But once I was past the last ranch it turned steeply uphill.

Once I crested the Medicine Lodge-Sheep Creek Divide though I was in this amazing bowl surrounded by peaks, some streaked with snow. This basin was nearly 8000 feet high and vast, so I rode across it for a decent spell. There were spots where you could just scramble up to the smaller peaks. This was one of those places where you could just sit and lose yourself in awe.

I had to climb a bit out of that bowl and then began the long descent. This descent was absolutely unique on this trip as it went through this rocky canyon. This pockmarked rocks were filled with windows, bridges and caves and were just fascinating. There was a tiny cabin with an outhouse in this canyon that would be about my dream hermitage.

Finally out of the Canyons I rode along a frontage roads by the highway for about an hour until I arrived at the small town of Lima. This was a trail town for the CDT and there was cheap camping behind a hotel. It was filled with around eight CDT hikers and four Great Divide riders. It was well setup for the needs of hikers/bikers with laundry, showers, places to resupply and eat. I was happy to have rolled into town early.

sink into the ground
clutching tight
so as to not
fall into
the white

let go

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