Tour 2019 – Day 8

Evening View

Already, at South Tower: evening stillness.
In the darkness, a few forest birds astir.

The bustling city-wall sinks out of sight—
deeper, deeper. Just four mountain peaks.

-Wei Ying-wu
translated by David Hinton in Mountain Home

Path to Heaven
I had a lot of errands to run in Helena as after a week of touring my supplies were pretty low. I found almost everything i needed as well as having a bit of break in coffee shops and such. There is a great bagel shop in Helena!

Helena, MT

It wasn’t until after noon that I finally returned to the trail. It was a warn, sunny day and when thin clouds moved in the humidity really went up. The clouds thickened though and would keep the direct sun off. The road out of Helena in this direction goes right into a canyon, quickly becomes gravel and jut as quickly begins to ascend. The surface for the most part was grey crushed gravel, often washboarded with the occasional pothole. But it was almost always climbing and sometimes pretty steeply. That plus the exertions of the day before kept things pretty slow.

Sitting on top of the world

Since I got out of town so late this was only going to be a half days ride. When I came to Park Lake I took the turnoff and rode to the campground on this lovely mountain lake. Hot and humid still after setting up camping and eating I took a swim in the lake. It was chilly, but refreshing–nice to wash off the trail dust.

true darkness
heaven’s road strewn above
gazing upwards
from this mountain lake
fade away

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