Tour 2019 – Day 6

Reverence-Pavilion Mountain, Sitting Alone

The birds have vanished into deep skies.
A last cloud drifts away, all idleness.

Inexhaustible, this mountain and I
gaze at each other, it alone remaining.

-Li Po
translated by David Hinton in Mountain Home

The Adventures of Huckleberry Pass
From my abode at the horse camp along the Montour River I fairly quickly descend out of the woods and into vast open space. Mountains all around, rolling pasture land in a vast bowl under the open sky. Big Sky country indeed. I soon came upon Orvando which for a town where the dogs outnumber the residents it really is taking advantage to the GDMR running through. I appreciated the services! From there it was crossing that big bowl on washboarded gravel roads running ruler straight through ranch land.

Soon I began to climb again only to discover that I was heading toward a campground a bit off route. Well it was on a lake so I continued up to there to have lunch. It was densepacked with Saturday recreationalists. Still it was lovely to sit on the edge of the lake and have lunch. But it was warming up and getting on so I rode down to the route and began my climb up to Huckleberry Pass.

National Forest Explorer in the National Forest

Climbing this pass was like all of the long climbs I’ve done so far. Not too steep, variable surfaces, and generally offering some peekaboo views. I made it to the summit just at 6000 feet. Minutes after I get there another rider coming from the south summits! On the descent it was real rocky and I gashed the side wall of my front tire. My front wheel went all wobbly but I managed to stop. I tinkered with it pumping it up, did some sidewall repair and such. It finally seemed to hold pressure and I carefully began to descend. There was some starts and stops but finally I was back on my way. But it was steep and hard to go slow. It was fine packed gravel now, which is hard to see pot holes and ended up wiping out in a whole series of them, blowing out the tire again. Now there were three little holes on the sidewall and very hard to get everything seated as it had completely blown off. Finally I got everything functional again though I had to stop a couple times and pump it up. The last time i held until Lincoln where I rode to the city park for the night.

wildflowers line the path
butterflies my only companions
surrounded by mountains
the piercing blue sky
presses down

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