Tour 2019 – Day 1

“Nature” calls up a false dichotomy between human and nature, and “landscape” suggests a picturesque realm seen from a spectator’s distance—but the Chinese wilderness is nothing less than a dynamic cosmology in which humans participate in the most fundamental way.
-David Hinton, Mountain Home

Tucking up my robes I journey southward to Seattle

Journey’s into mountains are pilgrimages to sacred places. Mountain practice is following the way. The first stage of this journey involves making my way into the city taking an increasing urban route through edge city, neighborhoods, gentrification, urban blight and the chaos that is Seattle in the 21st century.

First of the days public transit.

It’s not how long a bicycle tour is, it’s how quickly you can get into the touring mindset; bicycle samadhi. There is a point, often after just a few hours, where with a big exhale one forgets things that need to be done, or that is going to happen while you are gone. It gets down to what your are doing right now. Riding on Whidbey I was able to let it all go and just ride.

The view from the train window amidst the Cascades

Just riding along on this cool grey day I made it into the city in good time. I was at King Street Station and boarding the Amtrak to Whitefish Montana effortlessly. A night on the train, through the Cascades and tomorrow the Rockies.

on the edge
into mountains
the desert of the
stretching into blue-

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