Coastal Contemplations

Coastal Contemplations day 11

Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Yaquina Head Lighthouse

plum blossoms—
in my account book
I enter “cash for sake”


beach to beach
It rained all night only ceasing upon the dawn.  So it was a damp morning of packing as I broke camp and headed south.  A scant distance Down 101 I came to Newport and the turnoff to Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  A classic lightouse right at the end of the headlands overlooking the dramatic and rocky coast. There were vast amounts of birds nesting on the rocks and a young bald eagle was also sitting there digesting one of those birds.

Oregon Coast at Yaquina Bay
Oregon Coast at Yaquina Bay

From the headlands the route mostly winds around Newport skipping 101 and the edge city there.  But I had to brave that edge city to find a laundromat and do my washing.  By the time I had taken care of the necessities it was past noon so I also had lunch in Newport.  Needless to say I left town pretty late in the afternoon,  However one of the glories of the OR Coast is that there are campgrounds every few miles and with little need to make miles I only rode a couple of hours after lunch,

Sunset at Wakonda Beach
Sunset at Wakonda Beach

I arrived at Beachside State Park which is in a little strip of trees right between the beach and 101.  The Hiker/Biker site is right near the entrance in a little stand of trees.  A path through those trees led to an unofficial beach access point.  My own private beach.  The clouds were dramatic, torn up like sea foam.  In the distance was a massive cloud with tendrils reaching down to the ocean as it shed rain.  That I imagine would make landfall in a couple of hours.  The wrack of clouds made for a particularly dramatic sunset, reflected in the wet beach.

paying no mind to the
surf and the traffic —
a lone frog sings

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