Coastal Contemplations

Coastal Contemplations day 10

Devils Punchbowl and Otter Rock
Devils Punchbowl and Otter Rock

low tide
in a soft, soft rain…
darkness coming


between showers
This was another day predicted to be filled with a series of fronts moving through so I decided to stay at Bevery Beach Campground and explore the coast. Considering that I’d moved along this section of the coast pretty fast yesterday Ithis would give me a chance to check out what I missed. As I left 101 to Otter Crest the clouds that had been threatening rolled in and the rain began to come down. As I turned down the road to the Devils Punchbowl the skies opened up and fell upon me. It shortly turned to hail. Happily it was only a couple of blocks to the State Park where I took refuge at the bathroom.

Storm rolling in at Beverly Beach
Storm rolling in at Beverly Beach

The downpour only lasted about 15 minutes and then the front had moved by and the sun would come out. This would be the pattern most of this day. The Devils Punchbowl is a bowl shaped opening in the coastal rocks with gaps to the ocean. The continous action of the surf shoots into these opening creating a churning tidal Punchbowl. The tide wasn’t super high but it was pretty neat.  The views of the coast here and along the other lookouts at Otter Crest were just completely stunning.

Oregon Coast at Depoe Bay
Oregon Coast at Depoe Bay

I rode into Depoe Bay and had lunch and acquired some essential supplies.  During lunch there was another downpour which again really came down for fifteen minutes or so and then moved on. I looked around the shops in town but there was nothing that struck my fancy (or I could carry). So I rode a bit more north to Boiler Bay which I skipped yesterday. Another great overlook of the sea eaten coastline.  Then it was just making my way south again, taking my time along Otter Crest Loop.

between rain showers
jagged gaps of blue

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