Coastal Contemplations

Coastal Contemplations day 8

Cape Mears Lighthouse
Cape Mears Lighthouse

in spring breeze
his stole billowing…
a monk comes too


wind and waves
I decided to stay another night at Cape Lookout, so that I could explore Cape Mears which I’d missed yesterday.  Taking a leisurely morning I enjoyed the first bright blue dawn in a couple of days.  The sun was already quite warm as I made my way back along the Three Capes Route.

mornings clouds —
white thumbprints
on blue paper

The tide was out in Netarts Bay and flocks of seagulls, cormorants wheeled over the windswept mudflats. Great Blue Herons as still as the standing rocks pointing out of the crystal blue seas.  The wind was against me riding north but in the morning it is pretty minimal.  A lovely ride all around.

standing and waiting…
waiting still…
the great blue heron

In Netarts I stopped for lunch and in talking to the cafe owner I found that the “closed” part of the Three Capes Route may be opened for exclusively cyclist use.  There road had been partially wiped out by a mudslide and it’s right on the edge of the rock so not much rebuilding. But sounds like a bicycle can get through and they already are.  So I could have done it – the risk would have paid off.  So it goes. Leaving the cafe in the afternoon the wind had really picked up.

little snail
inch by inch, climb
Mount Fuji!


In response to Issa:

inching up this hill
a butterfly floats past

The road up to Cape Mears went up the rocks and down into coves concluding with a full 2k climb to the lighthouse turnoff. With the strong afternoon wind and constant traffic this would be a preferable northbound route! The road descends to the Lighthouse which was packed with visitors.  I took the trail down to the lighthouse, which is at about the height of the lighthouse itself.  What I really enjoyed was the scenic overlooks, where you’d stand in the hard blowing wind gazing out at lumps of rocks poking out of the blue waters and birds flying everywhere. At the head of the cape you could stare out to where the rippling blue of the ocean meets the blue gradient of the sky.

gusting winds
blow right through
an empty mind

The lighthouse itself is a charming relic of the past.  I do though wish that lighthouse keeper was a viable occupation… After the lighthouse I walked around the cape some more, checked out the Octopus Tree and then made my way back.

Sunset at Cape Lookout
Sunset at Cape Lookout

Again a lovely ride along the capes this time blown along by the strong winds. That evening I was treated to a lovely sunset, an ideal nightcap to a perfect Oregon Coast day.

setting sun
glowing red
on wet sands

Photos on Flickr: todayall days

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