Coastal Contemplations

Coastal Contemplations day 7

The ultimate nurse log
The ultimate nurse log

blown forth
by the spring breeze…


drifting down the coast
There was some early morning rain but then the front moved by and the sun cand out.  I lingered in camp, drying out and recombobulating things.  So it was nice and warm when I returned to the road and continued drifting south. The wind was with me, pushing me and the occasional stray cloud down the coast. I rode steadily for about an hour and then I was at Rockaway Beach where I stopped for lunch.

waves and waves
and waves again

I lingered at Rockaway beach, checking out the town, taking care of some business.  This really is the first day that I’ve been able to tour as I’ve intended this time. No pressure, low miles, really checking things out. What also has been really welcome this tour is all those little things that can grate on one – trash, roadkill, edge city, difficult people aneed so on – and tend to lead to some down moments, none of that seems to have any purchase.

riding high in the blue sky
the half moon

Leaving Rockaway Beach the route rolls up and down the rocky promontories and through various little one horse towns.  At least until we come to Tilamook.  There is of course the famous cheese factory – I felt little compunction to visit and just took a picture and continued on my way – juse outside of the town proper.  Real feeling of a farmers town with tourist attractions.  The route now turns west into the wind.

A face in the rocks —
waves roll in

But not for long, as I came to the start of the Three Capes Route there was a sign warning that the road was closed six miles ahead. My maps have an alternative at this point to follow hwy 131 which cuts off Cape Mears. I’m often willing to take closed roads and see if there is a way for a bicycle to ride around, but six miles is a long way to go to find that out. So the direct route it was.

rocks like eyes
in the setting sun

The direct route more or less went through clearcuts, had no shoulder and was more heavily trafficked. It also had the only long climb of the day.  It rejoined the Three Capes Routs with a descending series of rollers.  Back with the wind I rode along Netarts Bay, which was beautiful riding. Right on the water, which was aquamarine with white sandbars poking out of it with the arms of Cape Mear and Cape Lookout encircling it. With a bit of an ascent into the woods I left the bay and soon reached Cape Lookout State Park.

Beach at Cape Lookout in the gloaming
The Beach at Cape Lookout in the gloaming

I’d arrived early due to taking the cutoff route and thus I had plenty of time  here. The hiker/biker sites are in a little stand of trees right above the beach. The continuous sound of the waves rolling in and out would gently accompany ones slumber.

a lone thin cloud can’t obscure the waxing moon

Photos on Flickr: todayall days

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