Coastal Contemplations

Coastal Contemplations day 4

Astoria Bridge on the Columbia River
Astoria Bridge on the Columbia River

the ants’ road
from peaks of clouds
to here


a short ride over a long bridge

A grey morning, cooler and every so often brief periods of sprinkles. Today I’d cross the Astoria Bridge to OR and I decided that I would stay the night in Astoria.  I haven’t really spent much time in that town though I’ve been through several times. So with a short ride ahead I was able to linger at Cape Disappointment State Park.  I rode up to the Lewis and Clark Interpretative Center and hiked out to the Lighthouse.  The fishing fleet was out and bet when the slate grey skies and water there would be black spouts of diesel exhaust.

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse
Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

After noon I decided to make my way to Astoria.  You descend from the park hugging the coast into Illwaco. Then it’s a stretch on 101 through farmland and wetlands. Back on the coast the hwy is right on the shore of the Columbia.  Soon the bridge looms large.  The last time I crossed the bridge there was a good storm and it wasn’t much fun. This time just a pretty miles crosswind. There is a very narrow shoulder which has a lot of debris in it and an inordinate amount of dead birds.  There was also some work being done on the bridge and there was a flagged on the climb out. They had me go last and while I enjoyed the traffic free stretch it was a stiff climb that I felt pressured to sprint up.

as I put on my coat
the sun comes out —
late spring

Descending from the heights of the bridge I was now in Astoria.  It is the beginning of “Fleet Week” and there were sailors in their dress whites all over town. Apparently they will be here in force this weekend.  But you’d see little groups of them going in and out of all the bars and shops. I wandered around town before retiring to the Norblad Hotel And Hostel.

grey skies meet
at grey waters…
scattered drops of rain

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