Coastal Contemplations

Coastal Contemplations day 3

Lake Sylvia
Lake Sylvia

in the depths of the lake
billowing clouds


wind and water
The day dawned grey and cool – a relief after the heat of the last few days. It would break up as the day progressed, leading to blue skies streaked with trails of clouds.  I had many miles to ride this day almost all of it on the highways.  I worked my way up long hills and rolled down the other side, through trees and clearcuts under clearing skies.

in the clearcuts
a profusion of purple flowers

The wind was coming off the coast but not too strong in the morning and diffused by the trees and hills.  The mornings are always so pleasant, which feels like a secret.  With a long descent I came to the logging town of Raymond which I mostly skirted on the Wiliapia Hills trail.

Mudflat outside of Raymond
Outside of Raymond

Now Google Maps took me off hwy 101 onto a road that I assumed cut off a a corner of the coast route.  As I passed this group of people going downhill I thought I heard them yelling at me.  But I wasn’t sure so kept moving. Then the pavement ended. What trouble has Google Maps gotten me in to now?  Well I dig riding gravel roads so I pressed on.  Shortly a guy rides up to me on an ATV and says that I don’t want to go this way. “You’ll lose a couple of tires ” he said. “It’s about 10 miles all up and down the terrain worse than this. You’re welcome  to try it” he said. Well this is what the NFE is for, so I pressed on. It was definitely rough at spots but really I’ve been on a lot worse forest roads. It was actually really nice to be able to practice some fully loaded touring on gravel roads.  This ended up being my favorite section of riding on this day: In the woods, nice and cool, one car the whole time.  All too soon I descended out of the woods into an estuary and climbed up to 101.

harried by crows
a hawk flies
right next to me

Now it was just 101 to Cape Disappointment.  Rolling Hills, strong wind off the coast which was sometimes with me sometimes against me as I rode around inlets and over streams.  It was clouding up and cooling down a bit. At one point I heard a single clap of thunder and felt a few sprinkles.  I was tiring now and could feel the effect of the miles, but as I approached Long Beach I got a second wind.

Pacific Coast
First sighting of the Pacific Coast

The route took me to the beach at Seaview and onto the Discovery Trail. Now I’d ridden on this trail last time I was hear but this section was new. It ran in the sea grass right along the beach all the way to Beards Hollow and then on to North Head Lighthouse. Well this is basically a trail to the park and when it turned to North Head I returned to the road and it was just a couple of Ks to Cape Disappointment State Park. I was happy to be here.

grey morning
blue afternoon
grey evening

Photos on Flickr: todayall days

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