Coastal Contemplations

Coastal Contemplations day 2

Hood Canal at dawn
Hood Canal at dawn

dawn’s glow
even more of a wonder…
willow tree


waiting to exhale

I woke at dawn and looking out the door of my tent saw the eastern colors reflecting off the canal and touching the clouds with color. A deep contentment filled me and I sat in for long moments in reflecton.

soft colors of dawn
reflected on still waters
a fish leaps

I was up early so even with my usual lingering in camp I was on the road earlier than normal. It was already over 70 degrees (f) and the day was just getting started. I had to backtrack a bit and it was just so lovely riding along the canal in this still morning. Less traffic, less sounds, the waters calm, the light still that magic glow of the sun not being directly overhead.

Olympic Mountains beyond Hood Canal
Olympic Mountains beyond Hood Canal

Turning south on Trails Rd.  I was back on route. And it began with a seriously steep climb.  Right into the woods though and the coolness of the air was very welcome. Thus continued as I wound around Lake Mason and it was during this part of the ride that it happened.  Every tour, usually on day two, I just let out this deep exhalation and let everything else go. It is just touring now. This is the moment that brings me back to touring.

a moment
dancing with butterflies —
alone again

The route went through Shelton where I acquired lunch and dinner supplies and then it climbed up onto this ridge and every so gently descended all the way to sea level. But it was hot now and out of the trees and a wind picked up strengthening as I approached the coast.  I was happy to finally reach Lake Sylvia State Park, even with the strap climb up!  There are a pair of hiker/biker sites here and one was occupied. I took the other and had a pleasant evening on the lake.

lost in frog song —
late spring

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