Coastal Contemplations

Coastal Contemplations day 1

On Hood Canal
Sunrise on Hood Canal.

larks in the sky
people in the sea…
a holiday



A hot start
I’ve found myself pining for the coast and with another free space I’m back on the road. The weather is again unusually hot with a high of 90(f) on this day. I set myself a short first day, with my destination being Twanoh State Park on the Hood Canal. It was a lovely ferry ride in this warmth, being on the Sound on a moving vessel the temperatures was just right. However once in Bremerton it was quite hot. Deviating from my usual route to the coast I was off the highways more but there was some seriously stiff hills. Tough in this weather. But I was happy to be in the trees where after those hills it was basically a gentle downhill ride to Hood Canal and the State Park.

a red breasted woodpecker —
dead on the road

The day use are was packed with people out picnicking and swimming – it is that hot. The Hiker/Biker site is one of the best; literally right on the water. The only downside being the road right behind the site which was more trafficked than one would hope. After the sun set it cooled down and it was such a peaceful spot. Having gotten in pretty early I just lost myself in the interplay of the gentle surf, the blue skies and the orchestra of the soundscape.

On Hood Canal —
constant lapping of the water on shore
muted laughter from beach goers
dopplering buzz of insects
distant chugging of a motorboat
twittering birds
cars roar by the nearby highway
a splash, as something hits the water
the wake from the motorboat pounds the shore
a crow clacks its beak

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